Podcast No. 21. F/O Campbell … at last !

Pete and I are back together, and in this beer fuelled podcast we discuss F/O Campbell, aircrew combat survival, and what was happening on the ground over the weekend of the raid.

As always, the podcast can be found here on the blog.

Please get in touch, it’s great to hear from you.

LAC AA Campbell 414618 RAAF, Course 29, No.1 EFTS, Parafield, South Australia. F/O (later Flt Lt) AA Campbell, 57 Squadron, RAF East Kirkby.

4 thoughts on “Podcast No. 21. F/O Campbell … at last !

  1. Thanks Adrian and Pete for this podcast, parts of which really touched me. I remain quite astounded by the series of coincidences and events which took me to the Red Lion, to almost accidentally stumbling upon the photo of my father and his crew, the somewhat circuitous (albeit fairly quick) path followed by Brendan to track me down, and of course our recent email chats.


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